Biology Research / Education Associate, Activity Grant Application Form

At Southwestern College, learning about biology can be more than the standard textbook, lecture and lab routine. As the postgraduate world becomes more competitive, the SC Biology Department understands the need for student development outside the four-walls of the classroom and in an environment that challenges them to apply their knowledge and think and perform as scientists. Regardless of the path following graduation (i.e. the job market; medical school; graduate school; health profession schools; etc.), it is proving vital for students to develop an academic profile beyond just a good GPA.

The Biology Research/Education Associate Activity Grant provides an opportunity for students to make this happen. As associates, students will be more engaged in the academic life of the college and be able to dedicate more of their time towards their discipline and active career development. Moreover, associates will graduate with more than just a biology degree and grades on transcripts; they will leave with meaningful experience in their field and evidence of their ability to think and operate as biologists and biology educators.

If you're interested in being a part of this program, please fill out the form below and a representative of the Biology department will contact you.





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