MAIN CAMPUS - Acknowledgement of Student Teaching Requirements

This application is for Main Campus (Winfield) students only.

If you are enrolled in the Professional Studies program, please go to the Professional Studies Acknowledgement of Student Teaching Requirements.


I have received a notice that the current copy of the Student Teaching Handbook of Southwestern College can be located at

I will familiarize myself with its contents and direct any questions or need for clarification to my academic advisor and/or a faculty member of the Center for Teaching Education.

I acknowledge that I am obligated to fulfill all requirements identified in both the Student Teacher Education Handbook and the Southwestern College catalog of record specific to graduation and program completion for licensure.


By typing my name in the Signature textbox below and submitting this online form I certify under penalty of perjury that all information provided is correct and complete. I understand that my application is not valid if I have knowingly falsified information. I hereby certify by my signature that I have read and understand all of the provisions of this document.