PROFESSIONAL STUDIES - Recommendation for Admission into Student Teaching

This application is for Professional Studies students only.

If the candidate is enrolled in the Main Campus (Winfield) program, please go to the Main Campus Student Teaching Recommendation.

Candidate Information

Candidate Name*  

Candidate Attributes

Please rate the above individual according to the following attributes. This student has an open file.

Please explain any "Area(s) of concern" in the section below.

Your narrative comments are appreciated on any of the items below or in areas not included which you would like to address.

AttributeStrength Adequate Area of concern Cannot evaluate
Exhibits creativity
Demonstrates flexibility
Exhibits a strong work ethic
Exhibits dependability
Demonstrates effective communication skills: spoken
Demonstrates effective communication skills: written
Works effectively with others
Respects others’ ideas and points-of-view
Exhibits effective problem solving skills
Maintains personal integrity
Engages in service to others
Respects personal diversity
Accepts constructive feedback
Demonstrates effective time management skills
Engages in reflective practices and self evaluation
Demonstrates a commitment to the teaching profession
Seeks ways to provide for student success

Explanation for Area(s) of concern listed above:


It is my judgment that this individual is:

Well qualified to enter the student teaching semester.
Qualified, but attention to “concerns” is indicated.
Marginally qualified to enter student teaching and improvement in areas of concern need to be addressed prior to placement.
Not qualified to enter student teaching.

Narrative Comments

Narrative comments:


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